Client Testimonials

Client Comments, published with permission:

“Extremely welcoming & warming environment. Felt so relaxed the entire time. Overall, wonderful experience – thank you!”  Katie A. (10/2015)

“So comfortable and relaxing! Wonderful experience. Will come on a regular basis – promise to myself.” Roxanne L. (9/2013)

“This was my very first massage and it was an amazing experience. I have never felt so relaxed in my life. Thank you!” Erin M. (5/2013)

“This was just what I needed after a long week! I always seem to forget how important it is to stop and take care of yourself every now and then. It was a relaxing and pleasurable experience. I didn’t want it to end! Thanks so much!” Shelby C. (5/2013)

“The massage was very relaxing and very good. The mood was awesome. Great!” (5/2013)

“Amazing!!! By far the very best massage I have EVER had! *Change Nothing*” Kelly H. (7/2013)

“Wonderful, relaxing healing experience! Ms. Thompson is blessed with the gift of healing hands!! NE Iowa certainly has a gem in its midst. I hope everyone who has aches and pains has the opportunity to have a massage therapy session here. They will most certainly come back for the peace and serenity and helpful healing.” K.S.P. (7/2013)

“Wonderful – relaxing – found tender spots – feel like a new person” G.H.P. (7/2013)

“Magnificent, makes you feel better. Wonderful. Relaxing. I felt special.” B.P. (7/2013)

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