About me

My name is Doris Pfister. I am a nationally certified (BCTMB) massage therapist, licensed in the state of Iowa and owner of Peaceful Springs Wellness, LLC.

My massage therapy education journey began at Kirkwood Community College in 1995. It wasn’t until much later I was able to revisit that education by becoming a student of Body Healing Arts at Windemere Institute of Healing Arts in 2009, graduating in 2010. I have been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist since January 2011. I returned to Windemere in 2012 to graduate as an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner. Through The Center for Compassionate Touch, I became a Certified Compassionate Touch Practitioner in February 2013. Along the way, I enjoy picking up continuing education classes. I love supporting my “tool kit” with additional knowledge and skills.

I individually customize each massage to the condition and needs of each client at the time of each session. I am trained in a variety of modalitites including, but not limited to Circulatory, Pregnancy, Lomi Lomi, Thai and Hot Stone as well as Reiki and Auyrvedic Panchkarma therapies. I offer Ayurvedic Wellness Consulting, identifying imbalances and offering tools to assist you in attaining and maintaining balanced wellness.

As a Compassionate Touch Practitioner, I offer services and specialized skills to Elders and Hospice.

Relax into Wellness at Peaceful Springs.


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